THE GHAO-XONG (pronounced “Gow-Shong”), are commonly called the Xiangxi Miao, and live mainly in western Hunan Province where they farm in the high mountains.  The Miao are divided into two mutually unintelligible languages: the Eastern, and the Western Ghao-Xong.  Being Animists, they live in fear of evil spirits that must be appeased in the proper way and at the proper time. Festivals are often accompanied by vigorous drum dances, shamans climbing ladders of swords, men playing trumpets, and women dressed in elaborate outfits of silver and embroidery.  There are over 1 million Xiangxi Miao people and very few of them have ever heard the Gospel.  These people are considered an Unreached People Group (UPG).  (,


In the year 2000, a young man from southern China (who’s name we must not divulge, for the sake of his personal safety) heard about Jesus through the Jesus Film.  This film has made an enormous impact in China.  In 2009, this young man moved to Hunan.  In 2010, he was baptized.  He then began ministering to the Xiangxi Miao people through the use of storytelling (  Because the Xiangxi Miao live by an oral tradition, storytelling is a very effective format for presenting the Gospel.


After 5 years of training, discipleship, research, and missionary work to the Xiangxi Miao, this young man discerned a call to begin the hard work of translating the Jesus Film into the Western Ghao-Xong language. This is a massive project, as the Miao language is orally based.  In addition to translating the words of the Jesus Film, the project will need to involve 15-20 Western Miao “voice actors.”  The completion of the Western Ghao-Xong Jesus Film is expected by the end of 2017.  After creating and distributing the Western Ghao-Xong Jesus Film, our young missionary will begin to plant Xiangxi Miao house churches.


Abbot Chris became friends with this young missionary in September of 2016.  This young man spent an entire month with Abbot Chris at a very special Leadership Institute.  All 12 participants in this institute had already been highly vetted and identified as “future leaders” of the world Church.  This Institute spent $10,000 per participant during the month-long training.  This was viewed as an investment in the Gospel.


In October of 2016, the Mission Chattanooga officially agreed to partner with this young missionary in his ministry to the Xiangxi Miao — and The Mission Miao was born.  Each month, the Mission Chattanooga Abbey Development Fund contributes financially to support this project.  In addition, we collect funding for The Mission Miao and then deposit it into a special account that our missionary in Hunan can access.


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