The Mission Abbey believes in church planting.  Church plants are 6 to 10 times more effective at reaching people with the love and hope of Jesus Christ than churches that are 15 years old or older.  Part of the reason why is because new churches dare to dream differently.  They are able to shift their message and church culture because they have no old guard holding protecting what was.  They are able to move quickly on opportunities, because they do not have cumbersome over-infrastructure weighing them down.  Additionally, the Mission believes in church planting within cities.  As of 2010, 83% of the United State population now lives within a metro area, and 5 million more people a year are moving into cities worldwide.


The Mission is so pleased that our first daughter plant launched in Cincinnati, in early 2016. To learn more about that endeavor, please visit


If you are interested in church planting, please contact Abbot Chris Sorensen  at