Mission Icon is an urban mentoring program that utilizes the power of story to help underserved young people in Chattanooga.  It is a multi-media / fine arts collective developing people into poets, artists, and designers… creating new stories and cultivating a movement of activism in the black community.  Our strategy includes:

  • Connecting professional poets, filmmakers, and creatives to our collective.
  • Providing opportunities of positive self-expression through art and possible employment.

Building collaborative spaces for creative encounter (i.e. coffee house / poetry workshops / screen printing / recording studio)

The Mission Icon art development process which:

  • Disassembles (deconstruct old story)
  • Discovers (brainstorm new stories)
  • Deliberates (choose new story)
  • Deploys (practice new story)…..that new, authentic regenerative story through critical dialogue meetings and creative prototyping hosted in our studio.


Rev. Chris Woodhull (a “Missionary in Residence” at the Mission Chattanooga, and Ordinand to the priesthood) is the architect behind the weekly Mission Icon meetings. These meetings are a critical dialogue about life and community, empowering a culture and challenging a mindset.  Some of the greatest moments of understanding come from the right questions being asked at the right time.  These meetings are not about lectures, but rather about asking questions that provoke the mind.