The City Center Chapel was founded as the Southside Chapel (the first campus of the Mission) in February of 2010 by Father Chris Sorensen and a founding team from Connecticut/NYC.  Today, the City Center Chapel meets at new The Camp House (149 E. MLK Blvd.) and houses three worship services each Sunday (Lauds at 9 am, Morningsong at 11 am, and Evensong at 5:00 pm).  For information email Lead Pastor Paul Downer.


Lauds (Sunday, 9 AM) - Lauds is the most contemplative service at the City Center; featuring Book of Common Prayer worship order and liturgy, re-imagined and rediscovered hymns, and solid children's ministry.  Many find Lauds worship to be thoughtful, meaningful, uplifting, and time-tested.‬


Morningsong  (Sunday, 11 AM)- Morningsong at the City Center is the shortest, and in many ways, most accessible expression of worship at the Mission Chattanooga.  Featuring a family-oriented, hospital environment… with excellent children's ministry, contemporary musical expression of old and new songs, hot coffee, and concise preaching, many find this less-liturgical service to be a powerful way of connecting intimately with God.  As with all the services at the Mission, Morningsong does celebrate the communion meal.‬


Evensong (Sunday, 5:00 PM) – Evensong (the original service that launched the Mission Chattanooga) continues to be our ancient/future expression of worship, featuring both the most Book of Common Prayer liturgy coupled with our most progressive musical expression.  A robust children’s program is also available during this time.


Mission Communities - Mission Communities are how we, as a church, grow smaller as we grow larger.  We were created for healthy, authentic, growing relationships both with each other and with God. In moments of joy and difficulty, we were meant to experience life together.  That is what Mission Communities are all about.  In terms of which Mission Community you might like to participate in, you have a lot of options and not all of these options are the same.  Though most MC's meet weekly and are discussion based, others meet monthly and are centered around an activity or prayer.  Please feel free to attend whichever Mission Community you are most drawn to.  This may be based on the day, time, location, format or on relationships you already have with those who attend.  All of these reasons are valid! Check out all the Mission Communities here.