By launching worship communities in different neighborhoods throughout the city, the Mission Chattanooga hopes to contexualize the Kingdom of God in such a way that speaks well to each specific demographic and geographic realty.  Each neighborhood chapel functions as a dispensation of the whole, and yet each chapel has its own Lead Pastor and Ministry Team devoted to caring for and extending the love of Christ to the people of the neighborhood.


City Center Chapel - The City Center Chapel was founded as the Southside Chapel (the first campus of the Mission) in February of 2010 by Father Chris Sorensen and a founding team from Connecticut/NYC.  Today, the City Center Chapel meets at new The Camp House (149 E. MLK Blvd.) and houses three worship services each Sunday (Lauds at 9 am, Morningsong at 11 am, and Evensong at 5:00 pm).  For information email Lead Pastor Paul Downer.


Lauds (Sunday, 9 AM) - Lauds (‪Sunday, 9 AM‬) - Lauds is the most contemplative service at the City Center; featuring Book of Common Prayer worship order and liturgy, re-imagined and rediscovered hymns, and solid children's ministry.  Many find Lauds worship to be thoughtful, meaningful, uplifting, and time-tested.‬


Morningsong (Sunday, 11 AM)- Morningsong at the City Center is the shortest, and in many ways, most accessible expression of worship at the Mission Chattanooga.  Featuring a family-oriented, hospital environment… with excellent children's ministry, contemporary musical expression of old and new songs, hot coffee, and concise preaching, many find this less-liturgical service to be a powerful way of connecting intimately with God.  As with all the services at the Mission, Morningsong does celebrate the communion meal.‬


Evensong (Sunday, 5:00 PM) – Evensong (the original service that launched the Mission Chattanooga) continues to be our ancient/future expression of worship, featuring both the most Book of Common Prayer liturgy coupled with our most progressive musical expression.  A robust children’s program is also available during this time.


The Highland Chapel – The Highland Chapel was launched in January, 2013 in the heart of the historic Highland Park Neighborhood.  It now meets for a Morningsong service each Sunday morning at 10 am in the sanctuary of Richmont Graduate School ( 1815 McCallie Ave).  Highland Chapel is located at the heart of five Chattanooga neighborhoods: Highland Park, Orchard Knob, Bushtown, Churchville, Glenwood and Ridgedale.  For information email Pastor Ben Ferguson.


The Red Bank Chapel - The Red Bank chapel worships together Sundays, 10am and 5:00pm,  in the heart of Downtown Red Bank (3912 Dayton Blvd).

The Red Bank Chapel was founded in November of 2013 by Father Al Allison and a founding team from the Mission.  We meet at The Meeting House, a coffee bar/cafe in Red Bank (3912 Dayton Blvd, Red Bank, TN, 37415) and presently host two worship services each Sunday: Morningsong at 10am (a very family welcoming worship service with childcare for infants through toddlers and Sunday School for rising Kindergartners through Third Graders) and “dig” at 5pm (*please see description below...please also note that during “dig” we host age appropriate Bible study for Middle and High Schoolers upstairs). For more information email Lead Pastor Al Allison.


*A little information about “dig”...


What is "dig"?

Like archaeology has “digs”, places where human history and prehistory are studied through the excavation of sites and the analysis of artifacts and other physical remains, we host “digs” of another sort. The Old Testament prophet Isaiah writes something compelling to this idea:


"Come now, let us reason together, says the Lord..." Isaiah 1:18a


God encourages us to reason with thoughtfully consider our story, His story, and how they intersect. We’re gathering to dig in and do just that. Our tools are engagement, study, and discussion. So..."dig" is an excavation site...a place for anyone wanting a safe community where you can look for real answers.

See you soon...


For information email Pastor Al Allison.


Street Chapel - Meeting ‪at 9am on‬ Thursday at the Community Kitchen (‪727 E 11th St‬).  With a box of supplies and a mobile communion kit, we invite this homeless congregation to join us in Morning Prayer in the facility Day Room where everyday social services and various activities were still going on.  This is a sacred space, where Psalms are read, prayers are offered, and then communion is celebrated.  Afterwards, we greeted one another, pass the peace, and spend time in fellowship.‬‬


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