The Mission desires to be a blessing to the community we serve. Our dream from the beginning was to have a space that wasn’t empty six days a week, but existed as an active part of our city outside of Sundays. As a result, we opened The Camp House to serve as an animating presence in Chattanooga – first in the Southside, and now at the crossroads of the Innovation District and Big 9 / MLK Corridor.


The Camp House’s vision is to cultivate culture that will create a thriving community for everyone in our city. Through these efforts we are upholding both the Cultural Mandate of Genesis 1 and the Great Commission of Matthew 28. By blessing our community with an active space, and seeking to create culture and community, we are loving our neighbors in a way that reveals the Kingdom of Jesus Christ right here in the center of Chattanooga.


If you are interested in learning more about this vision please visit The Camp House website or stop by and hang out.